Rest in peace guys ys
    WTF! how can this be happening in a civilized country, like my graet country Nigeria '' the gaint of Africa'', where many injustice is being practiced no matter what thier offence might be  doesn't mean they should be treated in that mannar.
   The people that beat this young promising men to death and even to the extent of burning. 

Killing or burning will not solve stealing in this nation, this isn't the way forward come to think of it our leaders who embesue the citizens money were not beaten or killed let alone burning them, what justice was given to them by the citizens even the goverment. The vaccum and pains created in the families of this souls can not be erased. To the killers of this ones you have not only killed but you have also safed them from the suffering and hardship of this world, they've gone to rest no more worries for them. 
But ask yourself if you are safe  after the killing of this four young men.

Justice must be delivered judiciously.