We take a look at the very minor comebacks of two very major stars, in Bigger Than The Sound.
By James Montgomery
Beyonce, Justin Timberlake and Kelly Rowland
Photo: Getty Images
It seems odd to use the word "minor" to describe anything involving Justin Timberlake or Destiny's Child (except for "The Love Guru" ... that was a very minor comedy), and yet, there seems no better adjective available for their respective returns — "Suit & Tie" and "Nuclear" — both of which are decidedly dinky things.
That's not a slight against either song, mind you ... sonically, they're both rather fascinating, each putting unique updates on '90s R&B, all slinky synths and icicle-sharp beats. The HOV-enhanced "Suit & Tie" is probably the more adventurous of the two, cramming together something like three different tunes into five minutes, and it's a delightfully unhinged, all-over-the-place thing. "Nuclear" is a sensuous, glacial tune, one that seems less like a Destiny's song and more like something out of Solange's songbook, yet its restraint is also what makes it stand out.

Destiny's Child back, where's our own Kush? 
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